Monthly Archives: March 2011

One Degree of Separation to the New Dallas TV Show

I don’t remember who shot JR, but I loved the Dallas TV show back in the 80s (actually 1978-91), and the suspense of the summer until we eventually learned “who shot J.R.”  My home is now in Rockwall, TX, which is actually not too far from Southfork Ranch, located in Parker (East of Plano).  In about 1998, I attended a ... Read More »

Scanning Old Memories (Photos)

A few months ago, I bought a small photo scanner, actually my first purchase ever from I had scanned photos before, but with my overlarge MF8100C printer/scanner/copier.  It was just too troublesome, because I actually had to stand-up, walk to the scanner, scan, go back to the PC, for each photo. The VuPoint scanner was much more portable and ... Read More »

The Paperless Office – Scanning: Then and Now

I’ve never been overly neat in my office. Usually piles of papers lay strewn about. About 1997, I thought it might be time to “go digital”, get a scanner, and reduce the paper clutter. Disk drives were just starting to get cheap enough to handle thousands of scanned documents. (Remember, in 1997, there was probably no USB, and definitely no ... Read More »