Monthly Archives: July 2011

Family Heirloom or Junk?

I have a water pitcher and basin that I find rather ugly, other than the nice skin color “crackling” on the bottom.  A “trader” apparently brought it back from Indonesia when we lived in Australia (about 1966).   It seems to be made in a popular pottery town of Burslem, England, based on the mark on the bottom that says: “The ... Read More »

My Favorite Backup Tool

If you are “living digital”, you MUST be constantly concerned about the backups of your digital assets. About a year ago, I installed SpiderOak on my laptop, and now use it for my primary backup. They had a free trial up to 2 gigabytes, and I liked how it worked. You simply tell it which directories on your disk you ... Read More »

When Your Google Calendar Software Let’s You Down…

My next BizTalk contract won’t be in Richmond, Virginia, thanks to Google Calendar! I use Google Calendar everyday, and until now, it has always alerted me to my events and meetings.  Today, I missed a phone interview because I actually change the google event from blue to red to make it “more important”.  My private calendar is red, and my ... Read More »

Which Two Would You Pick?

There’s an old joke: Consider these three characteristics: 1) rich, 2) good-looking, and 3) emotionally stable.  Now, you can only pick two of the three. I just watched a video from “The Elevation Group”.  The speaker, Paul Haarman, asked someone to list their assets.  People always list things like savings, checking, real-estate, gold/silver, etc…  Then he asks, what about your ... Read More »