Monthly Archives: August 2011

Book Review: “Six Pixels of Separation”

Published in 2009, I read it in 2010, but just now reviewing it. So, a lot of my review is coming from what I highlighted with a yellow-marker. Overall, as a person who lives on the internet, the book seemed kind of basic to me. However, to companies and individuals that have ignored Web 2.0 and beyond, the book has ... Read More »

Bob Parson’s – 16 Rules for Success

Bob Parson’s started several companies, including Parson’s Technology (which he sold to Intuit for millions), and he recently sold for .25 Billion. GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar, that now manages 35 million domains and has over 7 million customers. It sold its first domain name in the year 2000. Bob has published his 16 rules of success (see ... Read More »