Monthly Archives: February 2012

Carl Sagan Lives Again – Via Remix

I remember watching “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” in 1980 or 81 in Lubbock, Texas while attending Texas Tech.  It was an inspiring 13-part PBS television series, hosted by Carl Sagan, on topics of the universe, science, and nature; probably a true parent of many of the shows we see on Discovery, NatGeo, and History channels today. As of 2009, it ... Read More »

What’s your Brain Performance Index (BPI)?

A few weeks ago, I found a sight that practically claims it will help you improve your brain health and performance.  It’s called They allow you to play a few games, for free, then encourage you to upgrade to a paid membership where you can track your performance and continue to improve.  I figure my brain can always use ... Read More »

Why I Switched back to EVO from SENuke?

SENuke and EVO are both powerful SEO tools. It wasn’t the price savings, but the time savings that made me switch back to EVO from SENuke.  I actually like SENuke better conceptually, but it takes more time to use. Read my full blog here: Share on Facebook Read More »