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How and Why People are Cranking out Dozens a Videos per Hour

NOTE: The opportunity below didn’t work out. I’m leaving it here, because it shows there will be failures on your way to success. What made it fail? Apparently there was a promise made that a certain offer converted at a certain rate, which later couldn’t be proven, and the actual world seems to prove it wrong. Some people still promote ... Read More »

Is Walters a Jewish Surname?

Some Jews question your Jewishness if you don’t have a traditional European sounding name. Barbara Walters was born in Boston to two Jewish parents. Her father’s name was Louis Walters (born Louis Abrahams); he was commonly referred to by just “Lou”.  Barbara Walters’ paternal grandfather, Isaac Abrahams, was born in ?ód?, Poland, and emigrated to England, changing his name to ... Read More »