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Avro’s Flight Simulator (X-Plane)

Is it my new home video game?  Not quite, this is the flight simulator for the CF105 Avero Arrow project (described in my last blog). It runs X-Plane, which allows engineers to fully simulate any aircraft, with a lot of programming and configuration. I’m sure they will accept you as a volunteer if you want to contribute some C language ... Read More »

The CF-105 Avro Arrow

In Calgary, Alberta, a group of volunteers gathers every Tuesday night in a private hanger to build a build a 2/3 scale piloted replica of the CF-105 Avro Arrow (within the limits of Canadian recreational aircraft legislation). The original Arrow was one, if not “the”, most advanced aircraft in its day.  However, its cancellation was announced on 20 February 1959. ... Read More »

A Bad WebSite Landlord

Some of them internet marketing courses talk about websites as though they are real estate; and compare having many small sites to having many rental properties. This is a good analogy, but like rental properties, web sites can get “run down”.  A few years ago, I created quite a few sites for SEO and marketing purposes, and I left them ... Read More »

Sunday Brunch at Thomson’s in the Calgary Hyatt

I had an excellent buffet lunch today at Thomson’s in the Calgary Hyatt.  It was a nice walk from my hotel, on a quiet Easter Sunday. It’s still within the 8 days of Passover, so I was delighted to find several good dishes that were free of leaven, wheat, barley, oats…  They even had a flour-less chocolate tort (makes me ... Read More »

New Job in Calgary

I flew to Calgary this week for a new job, helping a government agency to convert from the IDMS on the mainframe to a Microsoft environment.  For now, I’m staying about two blocks from the office (left modern building shown in photo), but probably after a 5-8 weeks, I’ll be working from home in Texas, with occasional travel back to ... Read More »

One Degree of Separation to the New Dallas TV Show

I don’t remember who shot JR, but I loved the Dallas TV show back in the 80s (actually 1978-91), and the suspense of the summer until we eventually learned “who shot J.R.”  My home is now in Rockwall, TX, which is actually not too far from Southfork Ranch, located in Parker (East of Plano).  In about 1998, I attended a ... Read More »

Scanning Old Memories (Photos)

A few months ago, I bought a small photo scanner, actually my first purchase ever from I had scanned photos before, but with my overlarge MF8100C printer/scanner/copier.  It was just too troublesome, because I actually had to stand-up, walk to the scanner, scan, go back to the PC, for each photo. The VuPoint scanner was much more portable and ... Read More »

The Paperless Office – Scanning: Then and Now

I’ve never been overly neat in my office. Usually piles of papers lay strewn about. About 1997, I thought it might be time to “go digital”, get a scanner, and reduce the paper clutter. Disk drives were just starting to get cheap enough to handle thousands of scanned documents. (Remember, in 1997, there was probably no USB, and definitely no ... Read More »

Book Review: “Trust Agents”

Trust Agents – by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (published 2009) In the first chapter, he introduces six characteristics of trust agents, which role out to be Chapters 2-7. 1) Make your own game – most trust agents “break out of the mold” and stand out. Learn to get past the gate-keepers by being a gate-jumper. Talks about seeing life ... Read More »

The pot calling the kettle black (Chopra/Dawkins)

Richard Dawkins, emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, is an atheist and humanist. He came to prominence with his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”, which popularized the gene-centered view of evolution and introduced the term meme. He is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design, and he promotes the “Out Campaign”, where Atheists proudly display a scarlet-A ... Read More »