Becoming Scrum Master with Jeff Sutherland

Last week I attended the Certified Scrum Master class with Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of Scrum, and founder of Scrum Inc. Scrum is an agile methodology, used by about 10% of companies today, which produces astounding results compared to the old waterfall method. Jeff covered material from several Harvard Business Review articles that show how Scrum is a ... Read More »

Why I Switched back to EVO from SENuke?

SENuke and EVO are both powerful SEO tools. It wasn’t the price savings, but the time savings that made me switch back to EVO from SENuke.  I actually like SENuke better conceptually, but it takes more time to use. Read my full blog here: Share on Facebook Read More »

When Your Google Calendar Software Let’s You Down…

My next BizTalk contract won’t be in Richmond, Virginia, thanks to Google Calendar! I use Google Calendar everyday, and until now, it has always alerted me to my events and meetings.  Today, I missed a phone interview because I actually change the google event from blue to red to make it “more important”.  My private calendar is red, and my ... Read More »

Avro’s Flight Simulator (X-Plane)

Is it my new home video game?  Not quite, this is the flight simulator for the CF105 Avero Arrow project (described in my last blog). It runs X-Plane, which allows engineers to fully simulate any aircraft, with a lot of programming and configuration. I’m sure they will accept you as a volunteer if you want to contribute some C language ... Read More »

A Bad WebSite Landlord

Some of them internet marketing courses talk about websites as though they are real estate; and compare having many small sites to having many rental properties. This is a good analogy, but like rental properties, web sites can get “run down”.  A few years ago, I created quite a few sites for SEO and marketing purposes, and I left them ... Read More »

New Job in Calgary

I flew to Calgary this week for a new job, helping a government agency to convert from the IDMS on the mainframe to a Microsoft environment.  For now, I’m staying about two blocks from the office (left modern building shown in photo), but probably after a 5-8 weeks, I’ll be working from home in Texas, with occasional travel back to ... Read More »

My Plan to Convert PHP-Fusion sites to WordPress.

I’m working on a plan on my other site for converting PHP-Fusion sites to WordPress.  PHP-Fusion is a “content management system” (CMS), in which the website can be built almost entirely using a web-browser, and users/authors can update the site with minimal technical skills.  The full plan and reasons for converting from PHP-Fusion are listed in two blogs on that ... Read More »

Google Reveals Stats in “Amicus Curiae” Brief

Google recently filed an “amicus curiae” brief in a New York federal court case where EMI (record label) is suing MP3tunes.  An amicus curiae is someone, not a party to a case, who volunteers to offer information to assist a court in deciding a matter before it. The information provided may be a legal opinion in the form of an ... Read More »

Converting Phatnotes to Evernote

Over the weekend, I convert over 800 notes from Phatnotes to Evernote.  I originally used Phatnotes (from a company called Phatware) to sync notes from my PC to my old windows-mobile phone.  When I switched to Blackberry, I gave up and did without the notes on my phone.  But now that I have an Android phone, I decided to give ... Read More »