How and Why People are Cranking out Dozens a Videos per Hour

NOTE: The opportunity below didn’t work out. I’m leaving it here, because it shows there will be failures on your way to success.

What made it fail? Apparently there was a promise made that a certain offer converted at a certain rate, which later couldn’t be proven, and the actual world seems to prove it wrong. Some people still promote that opportunity but do it in a different way. Other dropped it like a hot potato, or should I say a dead weight. Team WUKAR still exists, and in early 2015, should be coming out with an online marketing university. They will be honoring all the credits we made creating all those videos.

Actually, I think over 1.4 million videos were made. That’s basically the idea of crowd sourcing, where you have for example 1500 people, each making 1000 videos. The original idea was to upload them all to YouTube, but then I believe they found that would be too spammy, so they created their own Video Channel. I actually automated the process of creating the videos using PowerShell Scripts that automated VideoMakerFX, and I still have that code and process, in case I can re-purpose it in the future.

Original Post below

NOTE: Some of the videos have since been removed from YouTube.

I felt it was my OBLIGATION once I heard this incredible news… to share it with you. Here’s a recent series of posts that our team leader posted. This will set the stage for what you’re being introduced to:

You may have seen my friend Chase’s video on Facebook where he shared that we each need 10-20 people to help us in a project of getting paid for doing YouTube videos.

There is something BIG happening RIGHT NOW!

Watch this video below next: Tell Me Chase, How Can I Get Paid To Create Simple YouTube Videos”

Here is the exact video Chase made in the video above (and yes, it is not even close to perfect yet) but it shows how easy this is. And I can teach you this if you are wondering. If you need to buy VideoMakerFX and I am your sponsor in WUKAR you can buy it here.
I made my first two videos today.  The first one took probably 30 minutes due to the learning curve, but the second was UNDER 5 MINUTES!.

Please don’t take this lightly and miss out…

Here is one of the first Hangouts from Matt Trainer (our super leader) and his close network of leaders.

Many of the Top Internet Marketing Leaders are taking a very close look at this and jumping on board…

The #1 SEO Expert in the world, Matt Trainer, just WALKED AWAY from $40 Million worth of SEO contracts in order to create what I’m about to show you. That was mentioned in the video above… listen in starting at 9-minute mark.

And the key is that because of this SEO Expert there is a system rotator that only members of this team get that will provide all of us with daily BUYING customers (as long as we’re making very simple YouTube videos)!

This is one of the reasons so many are joining this team!

What does that mean?

Well as you know CUSTOMERS are the lifeblood of any business. The number one earner in Empower Network, Tony Rush, certainly knows that customers are essential and he also says:

3:10 – 5:14 Tony Rush “I say ‘no’ to everything…” “I tried my best to poke holes in this…” “This will handle a healthy skepticism…”

Buying Customers especially!

And the #1 SEO Expert, Matt Trainer, in the world is going to provide everyone in OUR team with daily lifetime buying customers. And business builders too, but that is an option not everyone gets, but is available.

This SEO Expert is making a program, called a rotator, to rotate all the customers and business builders, so that they join with each one of us equally in the team. So we all get top-notch sign-up’s!

But he needs thousands of videos. And while he thought about hiring that many people, Matt Trainer realized that in this instance network marketing would provide him the focused team he needed.

So he is creating a system for WUKAR members whereby you will log in and see the videos and other tasks that are needed. You’ll say “Hey I can do that video” and you’ll do it. Then you can simple “rinse and repeat” and create as many videos on YouTube.

The end result is that you’ll be paid by doing work, i.e. the videos, because Matt is going to use his SEO mastery to blanket Google and YouTube with videos. For example a video that one might do would have the the title “book hotel at marriott in chicago.

My partner, Sherri Kirklin, shows a keyword phrase “buy glasses frames online” that would be similar to a keyword phrase that Matt Trainer would give us and then someone on the WUKAR Team would do the videos he wants. Watch her simple video and you’ll begin to “see” how these videos will pull in customers so easily! Click here to see Sherri’s video at the TOP of youtube for “buy glasses frames online.”

Just so you know, SEO stands for search engine optimization and it means he’s an expert at getting his content, web pages and videos, at the top of numerous Google searches…

I can pretty much guarantee that if you had a way to get daily customers into your CURRENT business, than you wouldn’t have needed to subscribe to my list to see what I’m doing.

You would already be successful… Right?

So if you want to get customers, and not just 1-2, but possibly hundreds a week for life, then you need to watch these Hangout videos.

I made a video similar to the WUKAR keywords we are provided “The Best Place To Shop For Appliances In Colorado USA 58207.” This is the exact type of video you will be making! When you do a Google search for the best place to shop for appliances in colorado usa 58207, you will see this video on the first page. Google is advertising this video for free! Click here and I will do the search for you. Here’s what you will see. This video is on the 1st page of the Google search!

And when you successfully submit a video, you get credit!

You have successfully posted a video to our system. After verification from our quality control department you will be awarded credits for your actions. Please feel free to submit more videos while you wait for your credits to appear. You will be sent a notification after quality control reviews your submission.

And yes, the service we are promoting is cool and free, so because of Matt Trainer our team is going to get hundreds of thousands of customers.

Do you want any of them?

Oh and again there is an OPTION to get on both the CUSTOMER rotator and the BUSINESS BUILDERS rotator.

There is some simple “work” to do to qualify to be in the rotator. (You don’t just join and sit back and do nothing.) You’ll have access to a list of daily needs (video creation, social bookmarking, etc.) that is easy once you learn how, and the more you do, the more customers you get.

And the SEO Expert has already invested something like $2M for the necessary system to make this happen for us. $2,000,000! And when you join, you’ll be plugged in.

Which kind of leads me to ask What criteria would you require if you were presented an opportunity and all the customers were provided for you if you did some simple tasks, like creating 10 videos, on your time schedule.”

For me it was, where do I sign-up?!

And I have since learned that Matt Trainer has announced that he will not take any profit out of his commissions until every SD (a rank in the company you will learn about) earns $1M each. (at 19:30 below)

So if I were to “boil” this message down to the most consise message it is this:

I have been presented a simple* way to earn upwards of $1,000,000 from a trustworthy online global business. I joined the WUKAR team September 11th and by the 13th I “qualified” to get on both the customer and business builder rotators by having 3 other people join me!

*by simple I mean that the tasks the team is required to do are to create and distribute hundreds and possibly thousands of YouTube videos.

Please watch these Hangout videos (the time will FLY), take good notes, and then let me know what questions you have. There are other videos available with more details but for now the videos on this page are enough to paint the “broad strokes.”

I wasn’t looking for anything…especially another business opportunity, but I’m sure glad I stopped what I was doing to take a look!

Because I recognize the option to get on THIS rotator as a NO-BRAINER!

John Lavenia & Jason Cardamone (video below) show what’s going on after one month of WUKAR!

Especially watch at 42:00 and 59:00 if you haven’t got it yet…

The option to get on the rotator(s) is not going to last much longer. We almost have all the ‘action-taking’ people we need. You better join us this quickly! Or call me at 970-691-3450 or meet me on Facebook to contact me asap with your concerns…

Watch this video to see the rotator concept in action! (There were tech problems during this hangout but jump to ~ 53:00 in the video below to see the rotator concept presented.)


Ok I can’t stop posting great content… Another great video was released by John Lavenia, who mentioned how many customers, not leads, but actual buying customers Matt Trainer estimates that the rotator system will generate per day… 10,000 buying customers per day! (Advance and watch the video below at around 36:50)


So there are two “levels” to join at, TM or TLA (PPA).

One is called TM and that stands for Team Member. The other position is TLA (or PPA) which stands for Team Leader Accelerator (Partner Program Accelerator).

TM’s get in both customer AND business builder rotators by simply doing keyword phrase videos that are very simple to do!

Earn 5% On Business Builders Team (until you sponsor 3 TM’s and then you earn 10%).

TM’s also get to choose one package:
– 100 Discounted Trial V.I.P. Membership Package ($495 Value)


– 10 Discounted V.I.P. Membership Package ($495 Value)

TLA’s also get in both customer AND business builder rotators by simply doing keyword phrase videos that are very simple to do!

TLAs also get:

– Earn 10% On Business Builders Team

– Partner Program certification allowing you to sign-up non-profits ($999 value)

– 50 1-month VIP trial vouchers ($500 value)

– 15 full year VIP vouchers ($1500 Value)

– access to additional marketing training in the TeamWUKAR site (coming soon)

– Preferential treatment in the traffic rotators for coming in at TLA (coming soon)

So as you’ve seen and heard to join this WUKAR Team at the TLA ($2,475 level) just requires credit unless you have the necessary funds to pay off your credit card asap. But for those that don’t have the funds, all you need is credit. A credit card with $2,500 – $3,000 would do. And because the returns from you creating these YouTube videos (or other simple tasks) that Matt Trainer is asking for, you would be able to easily pay off the charges in a short amount of time. Then you would be in a total positive cash flow position, likely for the rest of your life.

So if you don’t have $2,500 – $3,000 of available credit on a credit card I would recommend these sites to get credit.

These sites are recommended my members of the ‘Prosperity Team’ another business I am personally involved in. These are trusted sites and just an option when the banks say ‘no’ to you.

See also this newer WUKAR blog.

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