Modern Renaissance Man

Do you see an uncanny physical resemblance between these two scientists?  The one on the left, is of course, Isaac Newton.  Among other things, he is known for creating calculus (independently along with Liebniz), but not telling anyone about it for 30 years (because no one asked).  He changed modern physics as most of us know it today; his theories hold for all but the smallest subatomic particles.

On the right, is Brian May,chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University and PhD in astrophysics.   Dr. May had a slight detour in his career.  He began his PhD in the early 70s, only to complete it in 2008.  Through the 70s-90s, he was more well known as the lead guitarist and vocalist of the famous rock band “Queen”.  He wrote numerous songs for the band, including the hit “We Will Rock You” and the haunting theme of some of the Highlander movies “Who Want’s to Live Forever?”. He was ranked at #39 on the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.

My hat is off to Brian May, renaissance man.


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