My Favorite Backup Tool

If you are “living digital”, you MUST be constantly concerned about the backups of your digital assets.

About a year ago, I installed SpiderOak on my laptop, and now use it for my primary backup. They had a free trial up to 2 gigabytes, and I liked how it worked. You simply tell it which directories on your disk you want to backup, and then you can leave it running in the background, or manually start it when desired.

For example, if you make changes to MS-Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, they can easily be backed-up within minutes after your changes are saved. An advanced feature will allow you to sync two computers. So for example, you want your laptop and desktop to have the same files, let SpiderOak sync them for you.

Under the cover, SpiderOak backs-up to an Amazon S3 account created specifically for your backups. This is a cloud-based service provided by Amazon, and of course, your files are secure, and Amazon has everything backed-up on multiple servers (and locations), so you don’t have to worry about the backup

You can begin your own trial by clicking the link below:

SpiderOak Online Backup, Storage, Access, Sync, and Sharing

For additional info, I now blog about “backup storage online” site, where I review various backup techniques and experiences (click on the link to the left to view it).  I’ll be writing more blogs there specifically on the topic of backups.


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