The Six Drinks of Vitality


I discovered Dr Casar one day when surfing YouTube. He has great abs for a guy over 55 years old. From what I have gathered, he transcended from being a chiropractor to more of a general health and nutrition expert. He started EarthShift, a wholesale nutrition company, from which I have bought over $1000 of products. Since discovering Dr. Casar, ... Read More »

The Presidents

This was the banner on my website for many years. I finally decided to modernize the site.         Which one of the four men above has never been the President of the United States? From left to right they are: 1) Benjamin Harrison – 23rd President – 1889 to 1893 2) Ruther B Hayes – 19th President ... Read More »

Becoming Scrum Master with Jeff Sutherland


Last week I attended the Certified Scrum Master class with Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of Scrum, and founder of Scrum Inc. Scrum is an agile methodology, used by about 10% of companies today, which produces astounding results compared to the old waterfall method. Jeff covered material from several Harvard Business Review articles that show how Scrum is a ... Read More »

Carl Sagan Lives Again – Via Remix

Carl Sagan Remix

I remember watching “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” in 1980 or 81 in Lubbock, Texas while attending Texas Tech.  It was an inspiring 13-part PBS television series, hosted by Carl Sagan, on topics of the universe, science, and nature; probably a true parent of many of the shows we see on Discovery, NatGeo, and History channels today. As of 2009, it ... Read More »

What’s your Brain Performance Index (BPI)?

Lumosity Brain Performance Index

A few weeks ago, I found a sight that practically claims it will help you improve your brain health and performance.  It’s called They allow you to play a few games, for free, then encourage you to upgrade to a paid membership where you can track your performance and continue to improve.  I figure my brain can always use ... Read More »

Why I Switched back to EVO from SENuke?


SENuke and EVO are both powerful SEO tools. It wasn’t the price savings, but the time savings that made me switch back to EVO from SENuke.  I actually like SENuke better conceptually, but it takes more time to use. Read my full blog here: Share on Facebook Read More »

Addicted to Osmos


I bought a ViewSonic GTablet from Woot for about $235, and found these instructions to upgrade GTablet to Honeycomb edition of Android operating system.  For a newbie to this hardware, it was a little like brain surgery, but I got it done in about 2-3 hours; works great except as he warns, the camera doesn’t work.  But it is about ... Read More »

Book Review: “Six Pixels of Separation”


Published in 2009, I read it in 2010, but just now reviewing it. So, a lot of my review is coming from what I highlighted with a yellow-marker. Overall, as a person who lives on the internet, the book seemed kind of basic to me. However, to companies and individuals that have ignored Web 2.0 and beyond, the book has ... Read More »

Bob Parson’s – 16 Rules for Success


Bob Parson’s started several companies, including Parson’s Technology (which he sold to Intuit for millions), and he recently sold for $2.25 Billion. GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar, that now manages 35 million domains and has over 7 million customers. It sold its first domain name in the year 2000. Bob has published his 16 rules of success (see ... Read More »