The Slight Edge

Eating cheeseburger of smoking a cigarette are examples of the “Slight Edge”. In other words, eating one cheeseburger today won’t make you overweight, and smoking one cigarette today won’t give you a heart attack. But when you multiple these small decisions by each and every day, they add up.

Jeff’s main suggestion is that you read 10 pages a day of powerful, life-transforming books (as well as listening to 15 minutes of audio material). 58% of all high school graduates, who don’t go to college never read a book again!. Just 10 pages a day is 3650 pages per year! If the average book is 300 pages, then this amounts to 12 books a year (one a month). 12 books may or may not sound impressive to you, but now with the “Slight Edige”… after 20 years, you will have read 240 books. If these books are about self improvement, acquiring wealth, sales, etc… you will be an amazing expert on these topics.

This book also delivers advice on goal settings, forming habits, changing your philosophy, attitudes, and outlook.

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