What’s your Brain Performance Index (BPI)?

A few weeks ago, I found a sight that practically claims it will help you improve your brain health and performance.  It’s called Lumosity.com.

They allow you to play a few games, for free, then encourage you to upgrade to a paid membership where you can track your performance and continue to improve.  I figure my brain can always use more help, so I got the membership.  Each day, usually right after breakfast, and before doing my flashcards in Supermemo [reminder to self: need to blog about Supermemo], I play the suggest 4 or 5 games in Lumosity, which typically takes 15 minutes. The games are categorized to help you with speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving.

I entitled this blog “What’s your BPI Index.”  So you are probably wondering what is a BPI. According to Lumosity,  “Brain Performance Index (BPI) is a measure of cognitive performance.  It is based on the combined results of your best games in each Brain Area – Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility, Problem Solving.”

What they seem to be missing is the obvious ‘refer a friend’ marketing program.  To learn more about the science behind this fun website, check out the Lumosity blog.




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