The Presidents

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Which one of the four men above has never been the President of the United States?

From left to right they are:
1) Benjamin Harrison – 23rd President – 1889 to 1893
2) Ruther B Hayes – 19th President – 1877–1881 (Proving even Presidents can have bad hair days)
3) Neal R Walters –
4) James Garfield – 20th President – 1831–1881

Which of the above four was never a lawyer?
Trick question, they all have law degrees.

Trivia Question – Which one of the above men was assassinated?
Answer: #4 – On the morning of July 2, President Garfield was strolling through the waiting room of the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad in Washington. Charles Guiteau, aged 39, approached him from behind and fired a .44 British Bulldog pistol at the President. Garfield sustained two bullet wounds.

The doctors successfully removed both bullets, but Garfield contracted blood poison in the process. On September 19, two and a half months later, Garfield died from the blood poisoning. Alexander Graham Bell actually devised a metal detector specifically for the purpose of finding the bullet, but the metal bed frame Garfield was lying on made the instrument malfunction. Because metal bed frames were relatively rare, the cause of the instrument’s deviation was unknown at the time.

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