Personal Development

Taking notes with Evernote on Live Stream Marketing Event

Some of us members of Empower Network will be enjoying and learning from a full weekend of a Live Stream this coming weekend (Jan 29-31, 2016). I bought my ticket at the last event at the Orland at the Dolphin and Swan Resort. Usually we have live training event every 3 months, at exciting locations. But this January, as part ... Read More »

S.A.V.E.R.S. steps explained – My First Miracle Morning Day

I began the “Miracle Morning” program today (see prior Miracle Morning post), September 21st, 2015. Here’s the video I made:”v=9_T1w6IVzTc I weighed in at 253 pounds. I got up at 5:15, and did the following SAVERS, but not in this order. S = Silence (Prayer/Meditation) – I “daven”, pray Jewish morning prayer service in Hebrew (at home) ” today ... Read More »