Save Hours by Speeding Up Your Audio and Video

I recently made this demo to show you three techniques of how to speed up your videos, both on YouTube and your local machine. In the second video, I was playing with Google Hangouts, and focus on the Enounce tool that enables you to speed up even the commercial ads on You Tube. Click here for free Enounce speed-up tool ... Read More »

How to get Nine Million Legitimate Views on YouTube

Nike came to young New York film maker, Casey Neistat, and gave with $10,000 to make a commercial for their Nike Fuel Band. He couldn’t include the product in his video, because it was not actually produced until later. Rather than making a “boring” video, he and one friend set out to travel the world until the $10,000 ran out. ... Read More »

Crop Circles – From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Last week, I had a little fun researching crop circles (better called “crop formations” because they are not all circular).  I find their shapes mysterious and hypnotic. The first thing you need to know is that there are actually companies that you can commission to create a crop circle for you.   The Firefox man-made crop circle was 220 feet in ... Read More »

All About Supercomputers

Recently a friend told me he didn’t know what a supercomputer was. In response to his question, I put together this blog. Ray Kurzweil has said that the computer in your cell phone is about 10,000 more powerful than the ENIAC -the first government computer that filled a room. XGRID in Virginia Tech Quote: With a price of $5.2 million, ... Read More »

2020 Graduation Speech

From Learn more about Karl Fisch at This is centered around a high school called Arapaho in Colorado, very education oriented. It was written before Obama won the election. 2008 Amazon buys Ebay – prices of everything becomes negotiable 2009 – Google buys Logitech and Shure (Microphones), teacher podcast ALL classes Google purchases Associated Press & ABC/Disney & ... Read More »

Shift Happens

The music is apparently the Kiss or perhaps the Elk Hunt from movie “The Last of the Mohicans”. Profound quotes from the above video. 1. There are more honor students in India, then student in the USA. 2. The top 10 jobs that will be in demand in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004. 3. The US is 20th in the ... Read More »