How to get Nine Million Legitimate Views on YouTube

Nike came to young New York film maker, Casey Neistat, and gave with $10,000 to make a commercial for their Nike Fuel Band. He couldn’t include the product in his video, because it was not actually produced until later. Rather than making a “boring” video, he and one friend set out to travel the world until the $10,000 ran out. They visited about eight countries in ten days, before their money ran out. Their stops included: Paris, Cairo/Giza/Tahir Sqaure (Egypt), London, South Africa, Zambia, Nairobi, Rome, Doha, Bangkok,

They then came home, and used their best footage to make this inspiring video called “Make it Count”:

This video obviously appeals to the younger generation, and I’m sure it went viral. YouTube is currently showing over 9 MILLION VIEWS for it.

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