Taking notes with Evernote on Live Stream Marketing Event

Some of us members of Empower Network will be enjoying and learning from a full weekend of a Live Stream this coming weekend (Jan 29-31, 2016). I bought my ticket at the last event at the Orland at the Dolphin and Swan Resort. Usually we have live training event every 3 months, at exciting locations. But this January, as part of the company reboot into 2016, the top producers will be gathering in Miami, and they will be sharing exactly how they build their online businesses, which enable them to live the lifestyles of freedom entrpreneurs.

They come from diverse backgrounds. Tracy Walker has an MBA, was laid off from the corporate world, then went into real estate, where she succeeded then lost everything. She rebuilt her wealth in online marketing. Just Verringia, is known as the ?hippie Jedi? ? and is an expert at Facebook and attraction marketing. Lawrence Tam, ?the frugal Asian?, will be talking about he retired at age 33, and how he blogs and gets leads for his business.

If this was a live conference, I would probably leave with 50 pages in a notebook full of notes. I always buy a nice special hard-bound notebook for my notes, and I save them in a special bookcase. It?s important to learn, take notes, and review the notes after the conference, looking for ideas to implement.

Since this event is online, streamed live to my home computer, I will take notes in EverNote this time. I recently did a video called ?What is Evernote?? that shows the basics of what Evernote is, how you can take notes on the web, your PC, or your smart phone, and have them sync up. As a matter of fact, I have over 2400 notes in Evernote now, and it grows by probably 10-20 per week. By using tags, it can also be a system to keep you organized.

When taking notes, I always put a big ?V? next to anything that gives me an idea of a video I can share on YouTube. Then later, when I do the video, I check it off, or draw a circle around the ?V? to indicate ?completed?. We practice the ?learn, do, teach? method. We learn something, and take notes. But then it?s useless unless you go into the real world and actually do it. Then, you have experience to be able to share it with another, via our blogs, our social networks, and/or by videos.

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