The Six Drinks of Vitality

I discovered Dr Casar one day when surfing YouTube. He has great abs for a guy over 55 years old. From what I have gathered, he transcended from being a chiropractor to more of a general health and nutrition expert. He started EarthShift, a wholesale nutrition company, from which I have bought over $1000 of products.

Since discovering Dr. Casar, I have adopted his 180 day “terrain modification” program to improve my health, make my body happier, and to lose weight.

Below the video below, I have provided my notes from the video, so you don’t have to jot down any notes.

Here is a summary of his six liquids of vitality:

  1. Alkalized Reverse Osmosis Water
  2. Blue Green Violet Prism Waters – from Blue/Green Algae- one of the best MAOs ((Monamine oxidase inhibitors)
  3. Burgundy Hybiscus Waters – a detox/diuretc liquid, cleans the body, full of Vitamin C
  4. Cayenne lemon water (with Agave) – cleaning, dissolving, intestinal plaque cleaner
  5. Kombucha – a fermented drink (contains two good things: Haluronic and Gluconic Acid)
  6. Fulvic Acid – a re-mineralization liquid (with fulvic, humic, and olmic acids, which “eats up junk”). He adds an herb called Shilajit.

For more details, he has a detailed video on each of these six drinks.

Dr. Casar is famous for saying, “You are not hungry, you are thirsty”. Dehydration is the #1 disease.

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