Using Visualization Photos To Motivate You From Your TV

In 2008 I built a dreamboard. I selected various photos from the web, saved them to disk, and used Microsoft Vizio to arrange them, and printed them out on my color printer.

Now in 2015, with The Miracle Morning? system by Hal Elrod, I am “rebooting” my photos with new ones, based on my current dreams and goals. In the first video below, I show how I find photos and save them to disk.

Video 1 – Finding and Saving Visualization Photos

Since Amazon was dropping support for my Vizio Costar smart TV box, I recently ordered the Amazon First TV Stick. Similar to ChromeCast, it?s a a small device, almost like a USB stick, except you might call it an HDMI stick. It plugs into one of your TV’s HDMI ports, and has an small USB cable to power it. This allows me to watch Amazon Prime Movies and other videos from Amazon on the big screen TV. I have a Sharp 40″ AQUOS 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV.

After doing the steps in the video below, I now have my photos displaying on my TV all evening long. I?m single, and rarely turn on the TV during week nights. So now, when I walk around my apartment, I see the pictures that I personally selected to motivate me, and it?s so cool. I love the way the display software slightly pans each picture.

Video 2 – How I Put my Visualization Photos on my TV

Once in Calgary, Canada, I was watching a video not unlike the one below. It was the first time I had discovered these types of videos on YouTube. Within a few days, I was out looking for a condo to rent (since I was working there for a few months). I guess I was early, and walked across the street to look at overall look and feel of the property. I looked down, and saw a bill. Canadian money looks strange to Americans, but nevertheless I stooped down, picked it up, and it was a $100 Canadian bill. Also, on that same two or three months I was there, I went to a hotel buffet for lunch, and it happened to be father?s day. The waiter told me that sometimes they give a customer a complementary lunch.

Video 3 – This is the ‘All is One’ Video Demonstrated in Video 1 Above

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