When Your Google Calendar Software Let’s You Down…

My next BizTalk contract won’t be in Richmond, Virginia, thanks to Google Calendar!

I use Google Calendar everyday, and until now, it has always alerted me to my events and meetings.  Today, I missed a phone interview because I actually change the google event from blue to red to make it “more important”.  My private calendar is red, and my “primary” calendar is a shade of blue.

Well, it turns out that when you move an event from one calendar to the other, the reminders go bye-bye! Google support thread/bug

So today, when my mind thought it was 1:30, I looked down, saw it was 2:15, and said to my self, “Self, what time was that interview?”.  I sit at the computer all day, so I was depending on the calendar to remind me.

To add injury to insult, yesterday I missed an interview with the same company because of “a failure to communicate” in an email.  “John Doe would like to speak with you tomorrow, July 13th, from 1:30pm – 2 or 2:30pm CST.”

Now that could be read:

  • from 1:30pm – (2 or 2:30pm) CST
    how the recruiter wrote it – meaning that the meeting started at 1:30, and would go either 30 minutes or an hour.


  • (from 1:30pm – 2) or (2:30pm CST)
    how the reader (me) interpreted it – the idea being that I don’t care what time zone they are in, I just need to know when the meeting starts in my time zone.

Anyway, bye bye Richmond, Virginia!  And a hard-lesson learned from Mr. Google.

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