Which Two Would You Pick?

There’s an old joke: Consider these three characteristics: 1) rich, 2) good-looking, and 3) emotionally stable.  Now, you can only pick two of the three.

I just watched a video from “The Elevation Group”.  The speaker, Paul Haarman, asked someone to list their assets.  People always list things like savings, checking, real-estate, gold/silver, etc…  Then he asks, what about your family, friends, education, and so on.  He lumps the assets into three groups: 1) finances, 2) Core (family, health, time, freedom, spirituality, heritage, core values), and and 3) Experiences (formal education, skills, wisdom, network/strategic-alliances).  Then he asks basically the same question as the joke above.  If you had to give up one, which would you choose.

Most everyone says they would give up the financial.  But where do we spend 80% of our time?  Which is the biggest stress causer?  One guy gave it a little more thought… he could keep his family and money, but be stupid.  That wouldn’t work.  Or he could smart and rich, but be lonely (no family).  Thus, he decided that if he HAD to give up one, it would be the money.

Here’s link for more information about “The Elevation Group“.



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